Meet the Saber Factory team

The Saber Factory is the latest venture of Kevin and Laurent, a bunch of hardcore Star Wars fans and pop-culture enthusiasts.

A third member of the team takes part in the project but he remains in the shadows, lurking and evil laughing. The sith stuff !

From 2017 to 2023 we proudly owned Very Bad Geek, a french pop-culture goodies store and website, where we experienced first-hand the growing need of our customers for cosplay and dueling sabers. Many battles had to be fought so we could expand our products lines (COVID amongst many..) but as Master Yoda said : "Do or do not ! There is no try !". In 2022 we created The Saber Factory as a store feature with a sabers showroom and quickly took it to the internet and now shipping to 50+ countries. In May 2023 we've transitioned from retail to web, and the store is no more. We are now 100% dedicated to you and The Saber Factory 😜

Very Bad Geek's store was mostly known in Bordeaux, France. We were a 3000+ sq ft temple of pop-culture goodies, established in 2017. Over the years we've proudly served more than 50.000 customers in goodies of all kinds. There was a lot of Star Wars inspired decors (and "Barney", our very own Stormtrooper), a Manga/Japan themed space and a Harry Potter floor with a tea room inspired from Hogwarts' common rooms.

98% of our customers in our french outlet are happy customers

Our Very Bad Geek retail store had a 98% customer satisfaction score. Meeting customers daily and providing the best customer care is our strength and we carry these values to our online venture as well. We are rated EXCELLENT on Trustpilot and we hope this shows you our commitment and seriousness in managing your orders and delivering you the best service.


Suppliers, assembly and logistics 

Our lightsabers are built and assembled by hand at Nexus Sabers and feature Darkwolf electronic boards. Our customer service is primordial and when buying high-tech hand-made custom electronic devices our customers expect quality and service. The hilts are machined, but the boards and components are soldered manually, then installed and verified by a technician. The core is assembled to the hilt and packaged. Each saber build is a lengthy process that requires skill and precision. It's not an automated toy factory.

Which is why we rely on these very well established companies, that have been at the heart of the lightsaber industry for years and have provided sabers for hundreds of thousands of Star Wars fans.

Over the past 6 months (2023-2024) we've sent replacement parts and repairs to 2,55% of our customers, improving very much from the 4,65% of the first couple of months following the launch of Xeno3. This goes to say that we take care of any issue you may have, because we follow through with everyone for your satisfaction, and that our defect rate is low, considering that these are hand-made electronics, made for dueling. Transparency and passion are at the core of how we operate. And we hope to improve every bit of our business over time to provide even better products and experiences.

Thanks to these partners we are also able to extend our operations with a Ready-to-Ship inventory in the USA, dedicated to serve US customers quickly.

Our factory, electronics and logistics partners