🌍 20-25 days production & shipping for all orders:

Built on demand and shipped from the factory in China. This includes order processing time.

🇪🇺 European Union UPDATE :

the local inventory is no longer available, all orders are fulfilled as detailed above, from factory, made on order. Taxes will not be paid at checkout but may be called upon delivery by FedEx (or any other carrier serving you).

🇺🇸 SOON : USA local inventory for best sellers:

After some logistics issues we are working again to bring the best sellers of our catalog to our New Jersey warehouse so you can order with a 1 week lead time. We don't expect restock there until April/May. In the meantime 100% of orders are served by the factory.

We ship to 60+ countries using various services like FedEx, TNT, DHL, USPS, ePacket...

You can get an instant quote at any time in the cart page : look for the shipping estimate column.

Shipping starts at 10$ for small accessories, 15$ for lightsabers, and then depends on your location and the weight of your order.

Click this link for more information about our shipping policies.


For now we can provide shipping for the following countries : Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States.


🌎 For all orders : Taxes are not paid at checkout, but may be due with customs fees by you upon package arrival.

🇪🇺 European Union update : as of January 23rd, EU orders are built and shipped from China, all orders are subject to the same rule as above.


Any issue you have upon delivery we will examine in details with you. You have 1 year warranty on all sabers. If you want to know more about our warranty processes, see question below.

We also have a 14-day return policy.

We are from retail and value customer relationship and care. Our customers experience with our previous retail shop, Very Bad Geek, has been tremendous for the past 5 years, with +50.000 customers served and a web orders rating of 4.8/5, as well as in-store satisfaction of 98%. We've always put customer support at the center of our business and expect us to do the same here with The Saber Factory.


Lightsabers and accessories have a 1 year warranty. Any issue you encounter you can reach out on the support chat, give us a detailed report and we'll get you sorted. We are very responsive to customer support requests.

Blades only have a delivery warranty as we do not cover them due to the dueling usage. Upon arrival make sure they work well or are in perfect condition.

When you order a saber from us you order a custom piece, made by hand. Hilts are machined but every board is soldered and programmed by a technician, verified and integrated into the saber's core. If you have any problem with one of our components we will analyze it together to determine the part to replace and will guide you through the process. We do not take the sabers back for repair, we directly send the replacement part to you and if repairs are deemed too complex we send a full core replacement so that it's much easier to re-install for you. We guide you through switching the part, it's usually never more than a few screws and 10 minutes of your time.

You need to feel comfortable following these few steps and disassemble your lightsaber (with our guidance only). We also have a Youtube channel to help with that. In the event you are unhappy, don't forget your 14-day return policy, you can ship it back to us.

Others may not tell you how their warranty processes go, even if they're the same, but we do. And we provide. This way you understand what type of product and service you buy. If you're looking for a fully integrated, non fixable piece of lightsaber that you can ship back across the world for warranty maybe Hasbro's sabers are better suited rather than a custom lightsaber. But even there, I'm not sure their customer service would be to your liking (I sold big brands merch for 6 years at Very Bad Geek, I can tell), which is why we work the way we work. To make sure you get the best for your money.

It is very important for you to check your delivery and notify us of any problem as soon as possible. We cover issues related to manufacture and shipping, but not usage. If you duel and break a piece we can hardly intervene. If you fail to follow the user manual warnings for charging power and fry the board, we cannot cover you either. Anything else we got you.


If your order has not made it to the production queue yet, it is possible to cancel it but there will be cancellation fees due to the various transaction and currency change fees that we do not get back. It'd be best to think it twice because once your order is on its way you'll have to go through the return process and the return package is at your charge. Contact us through the chat, it's always better than email (the junk inbox plays tricks on us). You can read our detailed policy here.


You can pay with your credit card through our secure payment gateway : ShopPay. ShopPay is powered by Shopify and allows multi-currency, charge-free payments with most credit and debit cards operators.


Get to know us here

The Saber Factory is the latest venture of Kevin along with Laurent and Olivier, a bunch of hardcore Star Wars fans and pop-culture enthusiasts.

From 2017 to 2023 we proudly owned Very Bad Geek, a french pop-culture goodies store and website, where we experienced first-hand the growing need of our customers for cosplay and dueling sabers. Many battles had to be fought so we could expand our products lines (COVID amongst many..) but as Master Yoda said : "Do or do not ! There is no try !". In 2022 we created The Saber Factory as a store feature with a sabers showroom and quickly took it to the internet and now shipping to 60+ countries. In May 2023 we've transitioned from retail to web, and the store is no more. We are now 100% dedicated to you and The Saber Factory 😜


Not for the moment but we are currently working on it. We hope we can soon provide you with custom work options wether it'd be for the hilts or the electronics. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the site.

Are the sabers delivered installed or in pieces?

All sabers are fully installed and ready to use. Just charge the battery for a few hours, screw the blade in place and you're ready to go.

Usually a saber is made of two parts : a core (containing all electronics) and the aluminium hilt. For troubleshooting or maintenance reasons you may have to disassemble the core from the hilt, but it's a pretty straight forward process and we have quick video tutorials on our Youtube channel.

Are your sabers screen accurate?

We sell sabers made by the leading factory on the market : Nexus Sabers (formerly LGT). They've perfected their designs, durability and electronics over years of presence on the market and it is why we trust them.

The design of replica sabers are much better than the official and legacy ones sold by Disney. In terms of proportion and built quality, absolutely no comparison, Nexus Sabers are way better. They're not made from an original cast or built with the real parts used back then by the props teams (like a real Graflex cell flash that goes for a fortune nowadays) but they've some of the best looks and proportions you can find. All sabers are newly machined with aluminium 6063.

Mostly, they are dueling sabers, filled with an electronics chassis and blades that need to fit and hold firmly. Meaning that compromises are achieved to make this a functional replica.

If you're looking for the most screen accurate replica of just a character's hilt, there are some amazing artisans that specialize in that, but for the same price as one of our neopixel sabers you only get the hilt and some builds will set you back more than a thousand bucks with 6 months wait. It all depends on what you're looking for.


No. As of April 2023 we ship Xeno3 on Standard and Premium sabers. And we still have Proffie available for Deluxe. We believe Xeno3 and Proffie are the best alternatives for 99% of the saber community.

Where can I download the Xeno 3 App?

The open beta of the app is available for iOs and Android. Search for XENO CONFIGURATOR (the app has been renamed "SABER" on iOs). As it is a beta it may still have issues, dev team works on monthly updates to address those.

Download for Android here.
Download for iOs here.


No worries ! We understand it's not easy to navigate between baselit blades, neopixel lightsabers, xenopixel boards... These technical terms may not ring a bell for you so we've explained everything simply with a chart available on each product page : WHICH VERSION TO CHOOSE (you can also access it by clicking the link here)


Standard blades are for Baselit sabers. They are very strong and made for dueling in academies and fencing courses.

Neopixel blades you get in our Premium and Deluxe ranges are more fragile. Not the blade itself, but the LEDs inside. You need to be mindful that a very strong hit or repeated big knocks could rupture a LED connection.

Many shops say they are duel worthy, and one could say they are... but nobody (us included) will warrant the blade for such use in case it breaks. So to be very honest we cannot say they are as duel worthy as a baselit blade. Period.

We recommend neopixel blades to me limited to friendly fighting, for cosplays or spinning but not so much for academy training.


Yes, check out our Youtube channel. We'll post more over time, covering the most asked questions anyone can have before and after ordering one of our sabers.

What are the included sounfonts and effects?

All XENO3 baselit and neopixel sabers are loaded with these soundfonts :

  1. The Chosen : Anakin inspired
  2. New Horizon : Rey inspired
  3. The Dark Sword : Darksaber inspired
  4. The Assassin : Maul inspired
  5. The Knight : Kylo Ren inspired
  6. Wanderer : Taron Malicos inspired
  7. The Protector : Obi-Wan inspired
  8. The Dark Empress : Dark Rey inspired
  9. The Son : Luke inspired
  10. The Third Hunter : Reva inspired
  11. The Master : Qui-Gon inspired
  12. The Dark Lord Order : Vader Fallen Order inspired
  13. Fallen Apprentice Magenta : Cal Kestis inspired
  14. The Princess : Leia inspired
  15. Double Agent : Revan inspired (with music)
  16. Truly Lost : Dark Kestis inspired
  17. Wraith
  18. The Senate : Sidious inspired
  19. Redeemed : Cere Junda inspired
  20. Bounty : Ahsoka inspired
  21. The Count : Dooku inspired
  22. Codex of Light
  23. Cyber Terror
  24. Dark Ages
  25. Hatred : Malgus inspired
  26. Idyll
  27. Serenity
  28. The Champion : Mace Windu inspired
  29. The Dark Lord Revisited : Vader inspired
  30. The Learner : Ezra inspired
  31. The Second : Second Sister inspired
  32. The Teacher : Yoda inspired
  33. Whispers of Power
  34. Moonfield : Sailor Moon inspired (with music)

XENO3 blade modes :

  1. standard blade
  2. blaster blade
  3. ghost blade

Baselit sabers may not benefit fully of some effects and modes that are built for neopixel blades

XENO3 blade effects :

  1. steady
  2. pulse
  3. rainbow blade
  4. candy blade
  5. unstable
  6. cracked blade
  7. fire blade

Baselit sabers may not benefit fully of some effects and modes that are built for neopixel blades

XENO3 ignition effects :

  1. broken ignition
  2. stack ignition
  3. photon ignition
  4. warped ignition
  5. phazer ignition
  6. scavenger ignition
  7. hunter ignition

Baselit sabers may not benefit fully of some effects and modes that are built for neopixel blades

PROFFIE boards are yours to customize but are always pre-loaded with some soundfonts. These are provided by DarkWolf and can vary frequently and we can't guarantee which will be loaded. As of June 2023 the current list is :

  1. KRossguardv3 (Red)
  2. Final Steps (Yellow Rey)
  3. Darksaber (White)
  4. Ascension (green)
  5. Crimson Menace (Maul) (Red)
  6. Traveler(Malicos) (Red)
  7. Young Solo(Ben) (Blue)
  8. Empress Palatine (Fire unstable red)
  9. Duke (Count Dooku) (Red)
  10. The Bold One (Obi-Wan) (Sky blue)
  11. Rogue Commander (Red)
  12. Darkness (Dark Rey)(Fire Blade)
  13. ESB Graflex (cyan)
  14. The Survivor (Fallen_Order) (Orange)
  15. Royalty (Leia) (Sky Blue)
  16. Darth Revan (Magneta)
  17. Starkiller (Sky Blue)
  18. Ashoka (White)
  19. Darkwolf (Blood Orange)
  20. TheMaw (Brian Conner)
  21. Ahsoka (Jordan_Clopton)
  22. Stasis (Purple Pulsing)
  23. Phoenix v2 (Golden Yellow)
  24. Deadlink (Magenta)
  25. The Butcher (Purple)
  26. Crispity (Cyan + Purple)
  27. Codex of Light (White Blade)
  28. Cyber Terror (Red)
  29. Dark Ages (Yellow)
  30. Hatred (Red)
  31. Idyll (White)
  32. Serenity (Blue)
  33. The Champion (Purple)
  34. The Dark Lord Revisited (Red)
  35. The Learner (blue)
  36. The Second (red)
  37. The Teacher (green)
  38. Whispers of Power (orange)
  39. Arcane (Yellow)
  40. Tsukino (Cosmic ape)
  41. Rainbow - Spectrum (Rainbow)


For all inquiries, questions and customer support, please use the chat box at the bottom of the website.

Avoid responding to our system emails, we filter pretty much everything and it goes to junk. You may not get an answer.