Saber resources

Saber resources - updates and manuals

Our R2 unit has compiled the necessary resources to help you with your lightsaber.


User Manuals :

Below you'll find the user manuals for our three types of saber tech.

RGBx and Xenopixel V2 lightsabers manual - Download

Xeno 3 Baselit and Xeno 3 Neopixel manual - Download

Proffieboard V2.2 manual - Download

Proffie being an open source system created by Fredrik Hubinette, we invite all proffie users to refer to his website as well as the extensive community and content on the web.


Firmware backups and updates :


Xeno v3 mobile app :

Xeno 3 baselit and neopixel can be managed via bluetooth if you search and download the XENO CONFIGURATOR app on your iOs or Android app store. It is currently an open beta so it may not be perfect but it is updates frequently as well as the lightsabers firmwares.


Xeno v3 updates and fixes : please update your saber via the app (in the settings wheel next to your saber's name) In case you need a fresh start, here's a repo of base version and fixes.

  • v1.0 base version without soundfonts - Download
  • FIXING MELT SOUND : if your melt effect doesn't produce a sound, replace all the melt sounds with those : Download fix

NOTE : always backup your soundfonts as they are not included in our repo. If you've lost your soundfonts please contact us through the chat and provide your order number, we will send you a backup.

Xeno 3 is not compatible with Xenopixel 2 boards. Xeno 2 soundfonts will work with Xeno 3 even if they don't benefit from the new set of functions like accent swing, stab etc...

Xeno 3 is now used with baselit and neopixel sabers. You have a baselit to pixel switch function for that matter.


Xeno3 app configurator for baselit and neopixel sabers

Xeno3 app configurator for baselit and neopixel sabers

Xeno3 app configurator for baselit and neopixel sabers

Older firmwares :

RGBx cannot be modified or updated!

Xenopixel v2 updates :

NOTE : v1.6 introduced tip drag (only for 92cm blades)

v.1.7 is the current version our supplier installs on all sabers. It's added a pixelnumber parameter that has to be set according to the length of your blade. Standard is still 92cm blades but if you want it for smaller blades or if your blade is not lighting up to the end of the tip this can be solved by changing this parameter.

Always backup your SDcard before attempting any modification. Avoid using a Mac as it may leave invisible files in your SD card and create file conflict.
For tip drag on v1.7 pixel number should be 132 for 92cm blades / 114 for 82cm blades / 100 for 72cm blades