🦾 We offer 1 year warranty on our lightsabers and eligible accessories.

IMPORTANT : always read our safety instructions beforeΒ opening your lightsaber and operating it for the first time. Warranty will be voided if proper instructions were not followed.

The hilts and their electronics components are eligible for 1 year warranty. On top of that you can always chat with us afterwards if you have an issue we'll try our best to help you with it πŸ€—

Blades are covered by our delivery warranty : we cover any issue you discover at unboxing. Your must inspect the blade, test it and report any defect to us. The dueling nature of the blades make it impossible for us to provide further warranty as it is being used in combat. Freebies are not covered by warranty (transport case, sd reader and all items indicated as free on the product page).

Software issues : for Xenopixel and Proffie sabers you must backup the entire original folder before doing anything to it. We cannot provide software warranty. We'll do our best to guide you on how to find a new copy online but customizing your saber through software is at your own risk.

Contact us via the chatbox on our website and explain your issue, provide your order number, pictures or videos for better understanding if needed, and we'll get back to you quickly.