Safety instructions

All lightsabers and powered devices must be used following these instructions :

  • Opening your saber : upon receiving it, check immediately that the contents are all here and in good shape. Check some functions to see if it all works well.

Battery usage and charge:

  • Charging power : Battery charger and lightsabers must be plugged via USB in a power outlet or cube delivering 5V. No more. It can be 1, 2 or 3A, doesn't matter, voltage is key.
    These are standard USB outlets. Never use fast chargers, computers, gaming consoles or hubs. Always check the power delivery of your USB adapter.
  • First charge : When first opening your saber let the battery charge for a few hours before using it.
  • DO NOT unwrap your battery. Any puncture, damage or cut made to the outer vinyl protection of the battery can cause shorts, sparks and fire.

Lightsaber usage: 

  • Usage duration : Do not keep your lightsaber on for multiple hours in a row. Even if the battery power is enough to keep up, the internal components may overheat if on for long stretches. We recommend letting the saber rest a dozen minutes after 45 minutes of use.