We donate 10% to charity "Les Liens du Coeur"

During our BLACK NOVEMBER sales operation we will donate 10% of the value of your cart for each order that doesn't use one of our discount codes.

UPDATE : you have donated 4099,25 USD !! Thank you so much - See the instagram update here

You don't have to do anything! We are doing the donation for you, based on you not using any discount code or Black November offer. During checkout you will receive confirmation that your order is eligible with an automatic 0.10$ USD discount being applied along with the code "WE-WILL-DONATE-10-PERCENT-TO-CHARITY".

This means 10% of the net price* of your items in the order will be donated to the non-profit "Les Liens du Coeur".

*total order value excluding shipping and taxes


we will donate 10% of your order to charity "Les Liens du Coeur"
In 2022 we organized a Harry Potter themed birthday for one of the young patients waiting for a heart transplant.

Les Liens du Coeur is a french non-profit located in our hometown of Bordeaux, France. They do an incredible job at helping children born with congenital heart diseases (cardiopathy), as well as their families. Because our town has one of the best hospital service for treating cardiopathy, many families have to move here without notice to remain close to their sick infants. Les Liens du Coeur helps the families and the children by providing housing, care and services in these difficult times.

In 2022, with our local store Very Bad Geek, we participated in the organization of a Harry Potter themed anniversary for one child that had been waiting for a heart transplant for months. This year with The Saber Factory we hope to be able to send a donation check that will help Les Liens du Coeur finance their many projects.

We strongly believe it is the DNA of the Star Wars community to care for one another and help out whenever we can, so let's show how caring the community can be.

Please allow us to help them by giving away your discount during this Black November event. And we will donate 10% of the price of all items in your cart (excl. taxes and shipping) to the non-profit before this christmas. 

When the Black November sale has ended we will update everyone through our Instagram, Facebook and TikTok pages on how much has been donated and when the funds have been transferred. So don't forget to subscribe to our socials.