Christmas 2023 deadlines

Don't miss out on getting your lightsaber for christmas and order as soon as possible. By the time Black Friday comes it may be too late for many models and many destinations!

As a reminder here are our expected delivery times :

🇪🇺 European Union : ~1 week, limited selection of items

First come, first serve. Our in-house EU inventory has encountered very high demand. UPDATE : A restock was expected during first week of December but the shipment has been delayed and we do not think it will happen until after christmas. In the meantime, ask us in the chat and we can send you custom order links for sabers straight from the factory, made and delivered within 25 days.

🌍 Everyone except European Union : ~25 days for a saber made on order at factory  :

This is why you want to order asap and not find yourself with an order in factory lines at peak moment on December 1st, crossing your fingers it makes it on time. And during these times, shipping carriers face extreme volumes and their service quality goes out the window so it's always a smart move to dodge the bullet 😉 Order before Black Friday if you're looking to get it before Xmas !

🇺🇸 UPDATE : A restock of the US warehouse was expected during first week of December in order to ship orders within only 1 week to US customers. But the shipment has been delayed. We will not be able to get this quick delivery warehouse up and running for this christmas, but later next year. All orders will be built and shipped from factory with classic delivery times applying.