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Neopixel to Baselit adapter

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This adapter allows you to use a baselit blade with a neopixel lightsaber. It transforms the neopixel signal to an RGB base lit LED module. 

This adapter is perfect if you want to have the looks and effects of a Neopixel but you also want to duel hard. Now you can place this adapter on your neopixel connector in the hilt, switch your blade with a baselit one, much lighter and much more resistant, and go fight it out!

This adapter is for 1" blades only!!

There are 2 VERSIONS of this adapter :

  1. One for "Classic cores" with a guide to lock it in place on standard recent cores that are made to host this accessory. Depth is 19mm / 0.75"
  2. Another for "Special cores" which simply sits on top of the neopixel connector. It's for either older neopixel cores or sabers using POGO pins which is an additional neopixel connector that is separate from the core due to design reasons. Depth is 14mm / 0.55".
Below is a non comprehensive list of models that use the 2nd version for Special Cores :
  • Starkiller
  • Dooku
  • Rey
  • Leia
  • The Kyber

Please make sure that the added module will still allow for your blade to be screwed in place and hold tight. Some sabers will not have enough space (mostly thin necks with short emitters).

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Neopixel to Baselit adapter

Neopixel to Baselit adapter

starting at $25.00