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Xeno3 core - Baselit or Neopixel

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Xeno3 Baselit
Xeno3 Neopixel

A lightsaber is just a hilt until you pick a core for it. All our lightsabers are installed with the core of your choice but if you ever change your mind, want to upgrade to Xeno3 technology or need a replacement, pick yours here.

Important : in 2024 most characters sabers will use slide-out cores. This replacement core is NOT meant to replace a slide-out core. It is screwed to the hilt and provides a button directly on the core. Please make sure it matches the spec of your saber. We will soon have another product replacement for slide-out cores, in the meantime you can ask for a specific saber core in the support chat.

This is our standard core format that fits all 1" dueling sabers as well as most single blade sabers. This core format will not fit thin-neck sabers (a specific accessory will be added to the site soon) or custom designed cores like those in Ahsoka Rebels, Dooku etc... If in doubt, ask us in the chat.

Standard cores are 1inch in diameter which is the standard amongst all sabers. Length is 6.5" for neopixels to 7.5" for baselit cores.

Every core is installed with a SD card containing all 34 soundfonts and effects as well as the appropriate Li-Ion battery. Depending on what your hilt allows, choose between USB-C or DC port for charging option and the corresponding cable will be provided.


Here's a simple breakdown of our available configurations. See our "Which version to choose ?" info box above for more details.

  • 🥉Baselit : the baselit core now with a Xeno 3 board, featuring rich sounds, lots of effects and customizable through a mobile app or via SD card. Baselit cores are used for heavy dueling sabers. Perfect if you plan on doing cosplay or stunt/duel performances or if you simply don't need the neopixel blade.
  • 🥈Neopixel : it's our most wanted option! The Xeno 3 board with a neopixel connector, for neopixel blades only. Now customizable through a mobile app and, as usual, via the SD card.

If you have any questions about our products feel free to reach out to us through the chat, we speak english and french.


Expect your order to arrive in around 3 weeks. If you've ordered from the US warehouse to a US location then ETA is 1 week.

Also note there are peak periods, customs check, shipping delays etc that may impact your ETA in an unforseen manner.

For an urgent order with a tight deadline we can't guarantee anything, if you wish to be sure, ask us in the chat if we know of current slowdowns in the manufacturing or shipping of our products.

More information is available on our dedicated Delivery, Taxes and Returns page.

Xeno3 core - Baselit or Neopixel

Xeno3 core - Baselit or Neopixel

starting at $75.00