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Yoda lightsaber

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Standard (Xeno3 Baselit)
BEST for duelists
Premium (Xeno3 Neopixel)
BEST for collectors
52 cm / 20 inches
62 cm / 24 inches
72 cm / 28 inches
BEST for duelists
Detailed specs
What's in the box ?

The lightsaber of the oldest and wisest master of the Jedi Temple. Master Yoda, or as we like to call him "My little green friend" has one of the smallest sabers out there. But "size matters not" !!

Another beautiful saber that's added to the lineup in 2022. We've all been so happy to see Yoda's saber reappear in The Book of Boba Fett, and now you can own this hilt. Because this hilt is such an exceptionally small format we equip it with a 7/8" blade and we strongly recommend you pick a 20" or 24" length. We still give you the possibility to take a longer 28" blade though. The movie accurate choice sits between 20 or 24".

Like all of our amazing sabers, this hilt is made of aluminium 6063. Every saber boasts stunning finishes on a great build with strong materials to offer either the best reproduction of a legendary design or a very comfortable and yet stylish dueling weapon.


Here's a simple breakdown of our available configurations. See our "Which version to choose ?" info box above for more details.

  • 🥉Standard : the base model now with a Xeno 3 board, featuring rich sounds, lots of effects and customizable through a mobile app or via SD card. Standard sabers are baselit sabers with a lighter blade made for heavy dueling. Perfect if you plan on doing cosplay or stunt/duel performances or if you simply don't need the neopixel blade.
  • 🥈Premium : it's our most wanted option! The same brand new Xeno 3 board but with a neopixel blade. The high density LED strip in the blade allows for an amazing look and tons of visual effects. Now customizable through a mobile app and, as usual, via the SD card.
  • 🥇Deluxe : not possible for this saber due to the size of the hilt.

  • 📐 Dimensions of the hilt : 18cm / 7 inches in length 
  • 📐 Dimensions of the blade : choose between 52, 62 or 72cm (20, 24 or 28 inches) for the length. Blade format is 7/8" instead of the standard 1".  Polycarbonate thickness is 2mm for all 7/8" blades.
  • 📏 Recommended length of your lightsaber : this lightsaber is specifically made for cosplay or collecting. It won't do well in a duel due to the overall size of the hilt and blade fitted. We recommend you take the 20" or 24" blade with the Xenopixel board. 

If you have any questions about our sabers feel free to reach out to us through the chat, we speak english and french.

Detailed specs

All of our sabers provide the following :

  • Removable polycarbonate blade
  • Infinite RGB color scrolling
  • Different sound styles and effects
  • Volume control and mute function
  • Smooth swing : these lightsaber are very motion sensitive and the humming sound of your saber reacts very precisely to every move you make.
  • Hilts are built with aluminium 6063 and CE certified
  • Our standard blades are baselit, 1 inch in diameter, 2mm thick and made for heavy dueling.
  • Premium and Deluxe sabers have neopixel blades, 1 inch in diameter, 3mm thick polycarbonate. They are dueling capable although we do not warrant them for heavy dueling use as the led strips inside the blades can break. Additional blades can be purchased, offering different width, thicknesses and length.
  • Standard blades are reflective tubes with a 12W LED baselit module in the hilt.
  • Premium and Deluxe blades are neopixel blades, meaning they have a full length high density LED strip inside.
  • Color choice is virtually unlimited with all versions as you can scroll through the RGB spectrum.
  • Premium and Deluxe sabers give you access to tip drag effect and smooth lightup. Blaster effects, flash-on-clash and saber lockups are also effectively much better with the neopixel blades included in Premium and Deluxe sabers.
  • The 3000mAh and 3600mAh batteries are rechargeable and provide around 2 to 8 hours of saber usage depending if it's a baselit saber, xenopixel or proffie and how you use it.
  • Always use a 1A 5v USB charger, never charge on a dongle, hub, fast charger, computer or console. Improper charging devices and power outputs will fry your board and will not be covered by warranty.
  • Some sabers have a USB recharge port, others have USB-C or a DC connector and some require you to take the battery out and recharge it.
  • EVERY saber comes equipped with its recharge cable or battery charger.
What's in the box ?

✅ The hilt

✅ The blade

✅ Battery

✅ Charging solution (cable or charger)

✅ Tools set

✅ Instructions manual


☑ Free USB reader for mini SD

☑ Premium & Deluxe characters sabers only : Free additional greeblies, screws, shims... if available

☑ Free heavy duty transport case

☑ Free blade plug for display

☑ Free polycarbonate stand

Freebies are included 99% of the time but in case of shortages you may not receive some of them.


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For an urgent order with a tight deadline we can't guarantee anything, if you wish to be sure, ask us in the chat if we know of current slowdowns in the manufacturing or shipping of our products.

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Yoda lightsaber

Yoda lightsaber

starting at $339.00